Process + Timelines + rates = magic!



How does Dream Louder fit into your workflow?

Scenario 1 | Pre-Cleared Music:
Need a bunch of music options for a creative piece that is due in an hour, or yesterday? No problem.

Send us an email this very second with a few songs for inspiration. Youtube links, a Spotify Playlist or even a voice memo of your client trying to describe the song they heard on the radio at the store that one time that kinda goes like…
It’s all good.

Next, we will send you a bunch of options from artists we love that might just fit perfectly. We are here to replace the time you are spending searching stock music sites for music that has been used a dozen times already. Give us a little direction and let us get creative for you.

Scenario 2 | Custom Music:
Have a project that you are very excited about that maybe you have a few days or weeks to complete? The music should breathe with the visual content, highlighting small, timed details in a way that a piece of pre-existing music just couldn’t do.

Send us an email with all of the details + inspiration. This can include Youtube links, Spotify Playlists or your absolute dream song that would be 100% perfect, but might triple the budget. As soon as we have a direction and scope of the project, we can start sketching ideas and sending back sounds.

We can create compositions to picture or we can complete a basic version of music for your editors to cut to. Either way, we enjoy composing and producing a wide variety of styles/genres and we love a good challenge.

We’ll provide multiple edits for you to choose from and each part of the composition can be edited to fit the piece in a seamless and musical way.



Pre-Cleared library requests:
From your first email requesting music, we usually turn a playlist around within an hour or two. All of our library songs are pre-cleared so there isn't a secondary negotiation that would hold any timelines up. We are constantly adding new artists and are actively recruiting with the goal of being able to cover any mood or genre request with a few options to spare. 

Custom Music:
Collaborating with the visual team from the very beginning of the creative process tends to make for the most beautiful and intentional work. We love working alongside creative directors and editors to make something that feels magical and inspired from creative board to final cut.

But, we understand sometimes that’s just not possible.
Don’t fret! We can still work together. Depending on the style and scale, we can sometimes turn a draft of custom music around on the same day - we like to hustle. If you give us a week, we can create multiple edits + versions.



Each project is unique in scale and scope and therefore varies in price on a project to project basis. The quickest and easiest way to get started? Send us a description of the project and estimated budget for music and we can take it from there.

Our company is truly boutique (a.k.a. very small) which allows us to be flexible and responsive without the big overhead that would only hold us back. We are happy to work with you on a project to project basis to find a solution that makes sense for everyone.

Custom Music doesn’t have to cost your entire project budget. We make music every day. Sometimes multiple songs a day. It’s what we do best and we would like to do it as much as we can. And isn’t it super cool to have music that fits your creative vision exactly?

Whatever the budget, whatever the project, we have something just right for you.