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We started this project as a way to highlight the amazing music coming from the Great Lakes. In teaming up with some of our favorite musicians and bands in the region, we have to put together a diverse and unique library of music available for synch licensing and soundtracking. We represent music across a wide spectrum of genres to fit nearly any mood or ambiance. Finding the perfect song for your project takes time, let us do it for you. 




MOODS:  World Music, Rhythmic, Cinematic, Electronic, Down Tempo, 

Heavy Color is a future beat / world music / electronic ensemble that blends traditional music from around the globe with modern electronic soundscapes and cinematic textures. Their most recent release River Passage is a collaboration with musicians from the Democratic Republic of Congo. | @heavycolorheavycolor


MOODS: Strings, Female Vocalist, Emotional, Songwriting, Indie Pop, Beach, Desert Rock

Rachele Eve is a fifth-generation Italian American from Detroit, Michigan-- a storyteller and an incurable romantic. The daughter of an opera singer and fine artist, the desert-rock songstress composes and performs confessional and emotionally rich songs. Her latest album,"Renunciation" is in production to be released in 2018. | @rachele_eve


MOODS: Indie Pop, Synth Pop, Electronic, Chillwave, Retro

Bliss Nova is a synth-pop two-piece from Toledo, OH, consisting of brothers Daniel and Joel Trzcinski. Their debut project Do You Feel - EP, released in 2015, drew comparisons to the likes of Washed Out, Neon Indian and Toro y Moi. Music blog The Alternative listed the EP as one of the best records of 2015 and lauded the band as one of the top promising artists from the rising Midwest scene  @bliss_nova

Strawberry Heritage

MOODS: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Emotional, Cinematic, Lush, Dreamy

Strawberry Heritage is a folk music project produced by John Hanson. Featuring songs about life, love and loss with rolling harmonies and vocal melodies. Produced with a slew of fellow Michigan creatives the music boasts tasteful folk instrumentation with some classical accents around the edges.

inland traveler

MOODS: Folk, Indie Pop, Indie Folk, Acoustic, Fingerpicked, Harmony, Female Vocalist

Indie Americana with roots in Toledo, NYC and LA. Dreamy and emotional music.


MOODS: Beautiful, Cinematic, Soundscapes, Ambient, Emotional, Worldly, New Age, Inspirational, Spiritual, Artistic

Saltbreaker is a wordless music project produced by John Hanson. Employing an organic approach to recording, the music is grounded and natural, hinting at a fusion of folk and new age music. Using vocals as an instrument and dynamic element, the music weaves stories and emotions without directly telling the listener what to feel.  

Instruments Featured: Guitar, Voice, Organ, Cello, Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Zither, Vibraphone, Piano, Hammer Dulcimer, Autoharp, Synthesizer, Bass